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ICE CHIPS® Berry Mix Xylitol Mints
Tart and tangy Berry Mix Ice Chips®  trigger memories of summer baskets filled with berries and..
ICE CHIPS® Cinnamon Xylitol Mints
True Cinnamon flavors that sizzle with heat and excitement as Cinnamon Ice Chips®  melt in y..
ICE CHIPS® Clove Plus Xylitol Mints
These Clove flavored chips are packed with essential oils recognized as a way to battle germs and ba..
ICE CHIPS® Coffee'n'Cream Xylitol Mints
Like an Iced Vanilla Latte, complete with caffeine for that anytime pick-me-up, these Coffee n Cream..
ICE CHIPS® Cranberry Xylitol Mints
You’ll want to break out the rest of the Holiday Feast as this wonderful candy melts in your mouth.&..
ICE CHIPS® Egg Nog Xylitol Mints
A splash of holiday celebration, neatly tucked away in a tin.    Open it on your way ..
ICE CHIPS® Ginger Xylitol Mints
Delicate essence of the Orient. But don’t be fooled. This tasty therapeutic treat deals a powerful p..
ICE CHIPS® Lemon Xylitol Mints
With a tart and pure lemon taste reminiscent of lemonade stands and childhood, Lemon Ice Chips® b..
ICE CHIPS® Licorice Xylitol Mints
Remember the pungent taste of black licorice? Whips and jelly beans and even Black Jack gum? Lico..
ICE CHIPS® Margarita Xylitol Mints
Take a quick trip south of the border with Margarita Ice Chips®, laced with cool lime and a hint of ..
ICE CHIPS® Menthol Eucalyptus Xylitol Mints
A soothing burst of Eucalyptus and Menthol! Eucalyptus and Menthol clears nasal passages, Himalayan ..
ICE CHIPS® Orange Cream Xylitol Mints
Remember the old Dream Sickle? That frosty concoction of frozen Orange and Vanilla that made even..
ICE CHIPS® Peppermint Xylitol Mints
Peppermint Ice Chips® take the ho-hum flavor of mint and shoots it into the stratosphere. Experie..
ICE CHIPS® Pina Colada Xylitol Mints
Like a Luau in a tin. An enchanting trip to the tropics, loaded with the tastes of coconut and pinea..
ICE CHIPS® Pumpkin Spice Xylitol Mints
Pumpkin Spice Ice Chips® are your gateway treat to the holidays.  A hearty fall flavor that pre..
ICE CHIPS® Root Beer Float Xylitol Mints
Few childhood memories ignite the same excitement as the sparkling recollection of a first Root B..
ICE CHIPS® Sour Apple Xylitol Mints
Tart and tangy Sour Apple Ice Chips© our newest flavor is bound to make you pucker with delight. ..
ICE CHIPS® Sour Cherry Xylitol Mints
Tart and tangy Sour Cherry Ice Chips© one of our newest flavor is bound to make you pucker with deli..
ICE CHIPS® Spearmint Xylitol Mints
Spearmint, long the favorite flavor of Mint enthusiasts, explodes with cool, smooth and sophisticate..
ICE CHIPS® Strawberry Daiquiri Xylitol Mints
We confess the term “Party in Your Mouth” is a bit over-used BUT it was destined to describe our Str..
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ICE CHIPS® Wintergreen Xylitol Mints
Wintergreen Ice Chips® are practically a fifth season! Cool, minty, strong and wintery, they blow..